Fabio Pasini,

Skier and canoeist, hyperkinetic by nature and by choice, has been on numerous expeditions in the Great North as well as in other far-off lands.With a pair of skis on his feet, always following the dictates of “by fair means”, he has gone across Greenland, the land of Baffin and other hyper-boreal lands, descended classical North mountain faces in the Alpine range and travelled thousands of kilometres with his cross-country skis. He has been Italian champion in canoeing, has taken part in world championships, sailed down rivers in Europe, in North America and South America, paddled in the sea of Cape Horn, in Greenland, in the Faroe Islands, as well as having been on numerous expeditions in the Mediterranean. He has been canoeing for twenty-five years and is an instructor and trainer of the FICK.Writing, photography and filming have become a personal necessity for him as well as a way of recording his travels and a profession. He collaborates with several technical companies dealing in the development of materials in sports articles.

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Luca Campagna

He lives in Vallarsa (Trento) in front of the Small Dolomites. He is an all-round Alpinist and in his twenty five years’ activity, he has reached the summit of the Manaslu (8167 m.), and opened new routes by himself, on the rocks of Patagonia and in the Alps. He has acquired a great deal of experience in traverses in the Arctic both with his skis and his sledge, in Africa on his free-riding motorcycle, many descents in extreme skiing and has opened new icefall tracks and Dry Tooling. He has also been on numerous ski-mountaineering voyages around the world. He collaborates with the magazine “Rivista della Montagna, Alpi e Pareti” through his articles, news and essays.

Domenico Benciolini

He is a Physical Education teacher, who lives in Verona where he began paddling on the River Adige at the age of nine. He has been in the National Slalom team for a long time and became Italian champion on many occasions. He is a FICK canoeing instructor and rafting guide who has transformed his life on the river into a profession for over twenty years. At present he is above all a forest ranger endowed with a remarkable “river sense” and in recent years he has discovered the great opportunities offered by the sea kayak and has become a kayak-trip enthusiast. During the winter season, he can be seen darting down the mountain slopes on his snowboard..